Boris Johnson faces threat of Brexit party battle in every seat

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Boris Johnson faces threat of Brexit party battle in every seat

Post by SpottyLad » November 1st, 2019, 8:22 pm

Boris Johnson faces the threat of battling against the Brexit party for leave votes in every seat across Britain, after Nigel Farage gave the prime minister a two-week deadline to drop his Brexit deal.

After a rocky 48 hours, which saw Johnson booed during a hospital visit and urged by Donald Trump to join forces with Farage, the Brexit party leader urged him to strike a “leave alliance”.

Launching the Brexit party’s campaign in Westminster, the former Ukip leader claimed the deal agreed by Johnson in Brussels last month was “not Brexit”.

Farage said his message for the prime minister was: “Drop the deal because as these weeks go by and people realise what you’ve signed up to … people will not like it.

“Simply, it is not Brexit. What we’re doing here is kicking the can down the road.”

He suggested the Brexit party would be prepared to stand aside in a swath of seats – but only if Johnson axes his own withdrawal agreement.

In response the prime minister flatly rejected the idea of any electoral pact on Friday evening, saying a vote for any other party risked a Labour victory on 12 December.

“The advantage of our deal is it’s oven-ready, it’s there to go, you put it in, come back in the middle of December, and we get it done and Brexit is over the line,” he told the BBC.

Source and full details: The Guardian

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