Electric cars are the future, but is the UK ready?

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Electric cars are the future, but is the UK ready?

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By Justin Rowlatt
Climate editor, BBC News

The future is electric for the cars on our roads, but is the UK ready for such a major change?

At the risk of infuriating all you petrolheads out there, let's just get it out there - electric cars are the future.

They are clean, quiet, fun to drive and help us tackle the biggest challenge of our era, climate change.

But there are some big bumps along the road to the UK's electric destiny.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are expensive, there aren't enough chargers, and the switchover could destroy one of the UK's biggest industries.

There is pressure on both the Conservatives and Labour to review their climate commitments following the Tories' surprise win in the Uxbridge by-election - where the upcoming extension of London's Ultra Low Emission Zone was one of the big issues.

But the government is currently sticking to its plan - supported by Labour - to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. Sales of hybrid cars will be stopped from 2035.

So, can we meet the target?

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